Routertech Firmware 2.95 Available

If you are a bit adventurous and would like to have the latest firmware for your modems / routers, please check out custom firmwares from Routertech. The administrators have posted the latest iteration 2.95 on the official forum.

I have downloaded it and flashed my D-Link 2504T router with the new firmware.

Last year I created a blog post highlighting some aspects, which you may have to consider if you are new to the niche. You may find that post over here. Kindly go through that post – else there is a high possibility of you bricking the router.


RouterTech Firmware For ADSL Modems/Routers

The performance of any ADSL modem or router can be increased by flashing it with the latest firmware. Manufacturers often tend to take the back seat when it comes to releasing updated firmwares for their products. If you are searching for an updated and powerful firmware for your aging ADSL modem/router, i would strongly suggest to take a good look at the firmwares posted at Routertech forum.

(1) First, you will have to verify whether your router is compatible with the RouterTech firmware. This can be done with the help of Router Upgrade Check Tool .

(2) Allow the tool to run the assessment test; wait for the test to end. Once the test concludes, the name of the firmware file that must be downloaded (from the portal) and installed on your modem/router, will be displayed.

(3) Download the latest firmware from here. A couple of firmwares are listed on that page. Always choose the latest firmware for your modem/router. (RouterTech Firmware v2.94 Release (20100818) as of writing this post)

(4) Before installing routertech firmware, reset your modem to default factory settings.

(5) The downloaded archive will contain various kinds of firmware. Some are meant for modems/routers with lesser RAM, while the rest are meant for those units with higher amounts of RAM. At this point, please check the output of the router assessment tool (obtained from step 1). Flash your router with the most appropriate firmware file.

The entire ordeal might appear to be extremely tough. However, I encourage all you guys (and maybe gals) to try out the revised firmware. Please bear in mind that updating the router/modem with the wrong firmware can render it useless. Now, you do not wish for something like that to materialize.

Please post your queries and comments on the provided space.

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