Automatic Router Firmware Update from Airtel Broadband

Update (19/April/2018): The information contained in this blog-post might be outdated. I am no longer using Airtel Broadband. I am not sure if these links work now. Thank You.

Woah! I am officially impressed with Airtel Broadband services.

This morning, I find that they have done a remote update of the firmware of my broadband modem (Beetel 110TC1). The old firmware revision was T1B-0Q-005. Right now I am running on T1B-0Q-013.

The ADSL Status is now displayed as “PPP up” (earlier it was “connected”). The loop length in meters is also now shown; it is 1200m for me. There maybe other changes too – please post them over here as comments.

I request other Airtel Broadband customers to use to access your modem’s browser based interface and determine whether they have done something similar on your modem too.

Update (March 13 2012 18:49): If you are interested in updating the firmware of your Airtel broadband modem (specifically the ones which are given away to the subscribers from the company itself), please check out This is a private portal maintained by Alcatel Lucent (who take care of the airtel broadband network in India). The appropriate firmware for your modem can be downloaded off that portal. As usual, please take caution against trying to upgrade the firmware.

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