I Wonder Whether He Is Dead Or Alive

Here is a copy of the report that i had submitted to Kerala Cyber Police and Kerala Hi-Tech Cell

Myself Praveen Pious Francis. I am residing in Trivandrum, Kerala. I am a freelance web content writer. I work with some clients who provide me with regular work. The primary source of clients is a website named GetAFreeLancer. On 6th November 2009, a project was posted on the above-mentioned website, I have included the project link. As usual, I bidded for the project, you can see my bidding post (the fourth post in the project link). My user link at that website is praveenpious. The project was created by one raviDhingra.

The project creator (raviDhingra) contacted me and offered me work by November 16 2009. Ever since that day, I did approximately 36 articles of 500 words each for the same person. I was promised $396 at the end of the week for doing the 36 articles. The person was contacting me and providing me work through another e-mail address (saurabhdatta.4ever@gmail.com). When the designated payment date came (23rd November 2009), the client started absconding. I e-mailed him vehemently for the payment, but he did not care to reply to me.

By 25th November 2009 (Monday), someone contacted me (from saurabhdatta.4ever@gmail.com email address) and informed me that the client got heart-attack by Monday and hence, he is unable to make payments. I was also given a phone number (9888962558). I did not try this number, yet.

In the process, I was made to submit a couple of forms and now I realize these forms were completely fake and was a ploy to cheat me into working for him freely!

I have been doing freelance web content writing since September 2008. No one has ever cheated me, until this time. Clients used to reject my articles and I was denied payment. However, this client denied me payment but in turn used my writings on other websites (without paying me, the rightful owner of the article). A sample article that was done by me and posted by him can be found in here.

It is not a matter of $396, I can make the same amount within the next couple of weeks. However, I do not want someone else to suffer the mental anguish and pain that I had to undergo. I wish to see the dishonest client brought back into justice so that he might never cheat someone else.

I have all the communications and chat logs that I had done with him. I can also provide the fake forms that were sent to me from the same email ID. Kindly help me.

Prepaid Recharge Scam (EzRecharge)

Well, i am experiencing certain problems with a company called EzRecharge.

Please check out that listing and post your experiences with the same company.

Edit: This morning i am greeted by an e-mail from Ccavenue. According to them, the transaction failed. They have promised the amount back – within two business days!

Edit (2): I received a reply from one of their (Ezrecharge) representatives after ten days. According to them, such a transaction never occurred. Subsequently I contacted State Bank Of Travancore. Within two days, the amount was credited back to my account.

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