A Brief Review Of Reliance Broadband in Trivandrum

I will place a link to the post which I made on another forum called Tech Forum India. One can read the review over at Reliance Broadband .

A text version is available over at ShareText.


I Am Finally On Reliance Broadband

Late yesterday evening, two technicians from Reliance showed up on my premises to install the new connection.

As of now, the connection seems to be working as it is intended to be. The only niggle is the web based login – you have to enter your username and password every time on a private website to authenticate the connection. Then the other issue I had faced was sharing the connection among the three PCs located at my premises. This too, I was able to rectify.

They installed me with an old Binatone DT815 modem. When I asked them about new modems, they said that the new modems were out of stock. I hope this modem works as intended.

I have opted for the 549 Night Zoom plan which gives me 500kbps during the day and 800kbps during the night. Economical as well as easy on the purse while fulfilling my daily requirements.

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