Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID) Intraday Trading Levels

214.05 is a pivot point value that you need to consider while going long or short. Buy the stock POWERGRID above 214.05 and sell below 214.05. Target is EOD close.


Plagiarising Content Without My Permission

One of the reasons I stopped updating this website is due to the rampant levels of plagiarism that exists among Indians. They show no shame in copy/pasting my content and posting it as their own in their websites. Recently, someone informed me that an article I had written about Murrey Math has found its way to https://www.mcxniftytips.com/day-trade-using-murrey-math/

I did a google search for this website and found that there are numerous complaints against them for fraud and cheating their subscribers. No wonder they decided to plagiarise my content!

It can be disappointing to see my curated content being copied and published in other blogs. At least have the courtesy to give some credit to me.

I had originally posted the article on http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Day-Trade-Using-Murrey-Math&id=9173936 on September 2015.

Tata Motors Limited (TATAMOTORS) Intraday Trading Levels

335.95 is an important level for the TATAMOTORS stock. Buy or sell while keeping this level in mind. Buy above 335.95. Sell below 335.95. Target is EOD close.

EOD Update: After opening at 343.75, the price of the stock simply kept on falling throughout the session only to find support at 322.75. The stock closed at 333.60.

ICICI Bank Limited (ICICIBANK) Intraday Trading Levels

The immediate support point for the stock ICICIBANK is at 296.85. Resistance seen at around 328.15. 312.50 is the pivot point. Buy above this value and sell below 312.50. Target EOD close.

Update (EOD): After opening at 305, the stock began moving towards 312.50. However, it did not touch this level. The high price for the day was 309.80. Close price was 306.80. Not a trending day.

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