Finally Disconnected My Reliance Wireline Broadband Service

I have been using Reliance wireline broadband connection since January 2012. My subscriber ID was 264148914823. During this period, I have experienced a whole lot of issues with the connection. Reliance Broadband will work flawlessly for weeks until an issue arises. Then you do not have any other option than to be at the mercy of the local technicians. These technicians (at least the ones who served me) did not have a basic understanding about the network. They fiddled with the wiring every now and then causing disruptions in my internet connection.

I am in contact with some senior officials working for Reliance. They admit that the retail broadband division is in shambles. And that they are currently focusing on the corporate sector only. My question is the following – how will I ever take Reliance Broadband for my company after going through all these experiences at home?

One of the irritating aspects that ultimately forced me to request for a disconnection is the following. The complaints that I post via the customer care gets closed within 24 to 48 hours – without offering me any resolution. The last complaint that I posted (complaint no: CNM10000972439  on August 17, 2013) also had to face the same fate. A technician called me and inquired about the connection status. I told it is not working and the line has high downstream and upstream attenuation values. He merely stated that he will come and check the connection at my premises. Within three hours I get the SMS from Reliance saying that the complaint has been processed.

Reliance Broadband gives you a connection that does not have any fair usage policies. The prices charged by them are also reasonable. However, please bear in mind that you will have to start facing various kinds of issues soon after the installation of the connection. Hence, it will be a safe practice to avoid them. An internet connection that comes with fair usage policy and that which works all the time is better than a cheaply priced connection without fair usage policies.

Please post your experiences with Reliance broadband.

Update (26 August 2013): Please look at the first comment posted for this post. An automated bot that keeps on posting the same thing if it detects someone complaining against Reliance services on the internet. Readers can find the exact same message posted by this service on every discussion forum or blog that complains about the pathetic services rendered by this company. As expected, nothing good comes out of it. No one will call you. That is how they have designed the system.

How To Use Third-Party DNS Services With Reliance Broadband?

Reliance broadband requires much tweaking in order to work properly like the conventional ISPs within India such as Airtel and BSNL. One of the issues faced by many existing subscribers is the inability to use third-party DNS services likes Google DNS or Open DNS with their Reliance broadband connections. Here is a simple tip to start using them with your connection from now on.

1) Open up the command prompt and do a ping to

2) Note down the IP address listed for the portal (for me it is listed as

3) Place this IP address on your hosts file (C: –> Windows –> System32 –> drivers –> etc –> hosts). The hosts file can be opened using notepad.

For the sake of illustration, here is a screenshot of my hosts file entries:

That is it folks. Now place the IP addresses for Google or OpenDNS on your NIC or router. Check Using Google Public DNS if you are not sure about how to set the IP addresses in your NIC.

One of these days, I will provide a tutorial about how to share your reliance broadband connection among several PCs at the same time. Stay tuned for it! 😉

If you wish to read about my experiences with Reliance Broadband, please check out Reliance Broadband review entry.

A Brief Review Of Reliance Broadband in Trivandrum

I will place a link to the post which I made on another forum called Tech Forum India. One can read the review over at Reliance Broadband .

A text version is available over at ShareText.

I Am Finally On Reliance Broadband

Late yesterday evening, two technicians from Reliance showed up on my premises to install the new connection.

As of now, the connection seems to be working as it is intended to be. The only niggle is the web based login – you have to enter your username and password every time on a private website to authenticate the connection. Then the other issue I had faced was sharing the connection among the three PCs located at my premises. This too, I was able to rectify.

They installed me with an old Binatone DT815 modem. When I asked them about new modems, they said that the new modems were out of stock. I hope this modem works as intended.

I have opted for the 549 Night Zoom plan which gives me 500kbps during the day and 800kbps during the night. Economical as well as easy on the purse while fulfilling my daily requirements.

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