Request Free Samples From Procter & Gamble India

Hurry! Register for a free account with Reward Me which is a website maintained by Procter & Gamble India. You will have to provide a mobile number during the registration process. The total worth of these products is about $6.15 (INR 300).

The free samples sent by them includes Olay Total Effects Cream, Head & Shoulders Shampoo, Pantene Pro V Shampoo, Ariel Detergent Powder, Olay Natural White Cream and even a Gillette Fusion Shaving Razor for Men.

They ask for 4-weeks time period within which the requested samples will reach your doorsteps.

FoolDNS – A Free DNS Service With Ad-Blocking / Phishing / Malware Protection

Free DNS services are on the rise these days. There was a time when OpenDNS ruled the roost. Google too jumped into the foray by introducing free DNS lookup services.

Anyone with an average IQ will never venture out into the wild without adequate protection levels. The same is applicable while browsing the internet. Almost every other PC user will have some form of protection from malware and spyware because they take the necessary precautions by installing an antivirus / anti-spyware software. However, the ones who create malware are looking forward for steps to circumvent such protective mechanisms.

A common methodology adopted by these personalities is to “rig” a website with a “malicious” code. Unsuspecting users will browse through these portals without even realizing the perils. Nip the evil in its bud. FoolDNS is one such service which takes into account the previously mentioned proverb. According to the service provider, FoolDNS can block advertisements, phishing and other forms of malware – even before they could get a chance to infect your PC.

Kindly go through FoolDNS to read about the service in detail.

For the lazy ones, who do not have the time to read through elaborate texts, here is the real deal i.e. the IP address of the DNS servers. They are and

Symantec also has a similar service (Norton DNS); but I am seeing ad-blocking among free dns lookup services for the very first time.

I am seeing a marked improvement in my internet browsing experience. Please jot down your findings as comments.

Nifty Futures Intraday Trading Report May 16, 2011

Ever had one of those days when nothing seems to work?

This was one such day.

As usual, the day started off with me watching the price action of the nifty futures contract. 5518 seemed like a good point to go long. After playing a few minutes above 5518 (it even touched 5530 levels at one point of time), the value began to fall. I had placed a stop loss at 5508, which got triggered eventually.

By this time, the contract entered the second trading frame for the day – going long at 5488.30 seemed wise. I waited until the contract touched that point; the trade got squared off at the same level.

A non productive beginning to yet another week of day trading.

Afterthoughts: Strong bearishness prevailed during the entire day. The contract opened below the last trading day’s closing price. Some of the reasons for the bearishness included the recent hike in the petrol prices in India and the evergreen 2G scam.

Flipping With Flipkart! (Post Updated)

It was only recently that I came to know about this online shopping website for Indians. Needless to state, but I desperately wanted to “test drive” their services.

My old Reliance CDMA mobile phone (LG RD 3500) is dying a painful death. So I decided to shell out a couple of rupees to procure an entry model from Nokia. The Nokia 1508 listed at Flipkart caught my attention. Although the MRP of the mobile phone was 3,500/-, this website was giving it away for 2,300/-.

I placed an order (Order No.: OD10226130011) for a Nokia 1508 (black color) on February 26, 2011. According to this link, if the product was in stock, I will get it by three business days.

By March 02, I get a phone call from one of the company executives. The conversation was brief – the bottom-line is they do not have any black colored Nokia 1508 with them. This intrigued me greatly because (a) If they did not have the phone in stock, why did they list it on the website and (b) why are they informing me about this after about three days from placing the order. Frankly, the agent who called me was more than willing to cancel the transaction (with them reverting my payment of 2,350/- within a week to my bank account). This gesture too was non-professional – I would have asked my clients to opt for alternatives instead of blatantly trying to cancel the order!

I wanted the phone. There was no turning back now. I questioned the agent for plausible alternatives. She replied they can procure red colored Nokia 1508 for me. I welcomed this gesture. She hung up stating that they will ship the order soon.

By March 05, I get an email from Blue Dart stating that my phone is on transit. A way-bill number was included with the email – with the help of which I can keep a track of my phone. But then Blue Dart has this uncanny habit of displaying Flight/Vehicle/Train; Delayed/Canceled Contact Customer Service for every package I order through them. Something similar occurred a couple of years ago – you can read it from here.

In short, approximately a week has passed and I do not have the phone with me. Well, maybe I was expecting too much from desi vendors who are trying to mimic western online shopping websites!

Update 1 (06/03/2011) – I just received a call from one of the Flipkart officials. It seems someone has brought this post to his attention. He has promised me that he will be doing the needful to speedup the phone’s delivery. 🙂

Update 2 (07/03/2011) – Bluedart just delivered the phone. Kudos to Flipkart. 🙂

Update 3 (27/02/2012) – It has come to my notice that Flipkart has this bad habit of removing bad reviews about their services from their website. For the sake of illustration, please check out the product reviews listed over there. Almost all the reviews will be about praising the excellent services of the company. If your review has been removed by Flipkart, kindly check out Deleting Reviews . Post your experiences in that thread.

Web Browser Usage – By Country

Want to know which is the most popular web browser in India? Check out this.

PS: Internet Explorer is still the desi favorite!

Regarding My Intra Day Trading Experiences

Ever since August 2010, I have been day trading on the National Stock Exchange of India. I use the services of Karvy Stock Broking along with their GoTX software platform to execute the trades.

I am still a learner and am experimenting with various strategies. All over the internet, we come across several posts highlighting the perils of day trading. However, if you ask me, with the right set of strategies we can literally start minting money. I am saying this out of my personal experiences.

There are certain pointers which I wish to jot down (and which I think will be beneficial to novice day traders).

1) There are people who make money and people who lose money day trading. This has been occurring ever since the inception of day trading techniques. Our intention must be to stay on the safer side – to make money.

2) Start day trading with a single scrip. I started off with SBIN (State Bank of India). Right now I trade exclusively with TATA Motors. In this journey I have come across many who try to trade with numerous scrips at the same time. According to me that is a fundamental mistake which novice traders make. If you have the right strategy, then you can mint money using the same scrip repeatedly – everyday!

3) The thing about day trading is to conserve your hard-earned savings. I have seen people investing 50,000 to 1,00,000 on the market to day trade – only to lose it at the end. Always remember that money exchanged within the stock exchange doesn’t evaporate. It just flows from one bank account to the other.

4) Develop your own strategies and try to stick with it. My trading system is entirely different from the usual arrangements that you may come across. For instance, I do not use any charting software suites. Charts are mere representations of numbers. Stock exchange is all about these numbers.

5) The market has a certain geometry which it follows duly every trading day. Some say that the market is random. And that we cannot predict anything off it. If you ask me, you must learn the geometry of the numbers to stay successful in the market.

More is yet to come in the subsequent days. Stay tuned as I will begin posting the daily intra day trading levels for TATA Motors.

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