Bangkok Is Here

Zynga has partly unlocked Bangkok in Mafia Wars. You will have to do four preliminary jobs to start your career in this city. Of the four jobs, just three are unlocked at the moment. The three jobs can be found in Soldier, Enforcer and Hitman tier of NewYork.

The three consumables that must be collected are Triad Coin, Yazuka Sake and Thai Note. The Thai passport will be handed when the city is officially launched.

I have already collected the three consumables. It took me roughly 30 to 100 energy. Do the jobs repeatedly until you are given the consumables.

Mafia Wars Update 02/12/2009

Zynga has released an update for Mafia Wars. It seems many people are facing cart-loads of problems after the update. If you are facing problems with the game, head over to the official Mafia Wars forum and post your problem in here. Let the game developers hear your problem so that they might fix it at the earliest.

BTW, am i the only one who does not have a problem with the game-play even after the update? 😛

Mafia Wars – Add Me To Your Mafia

If you have an account in Facebook, then it is imperative that you must try out the Mafia Wars game. An effective way to kill your time, while competing with other millions of players! I play this game regularly in between the marathon writing sessions.

Finding the game is easy – just search for Mafia Wars and add it to your application list.

It might take some time to learn the game concepts, mistakes are quite common if you are a novice. Check out the Official Mafia Wars forum, and post your doubts over there.

By the way, I am always looking for more friends to be included in my mafia. Please add my profile as your friend and finally invite me to your mafia. That’s all folks, see you over there!

Here is the invitation link to join my mafia

I have loads of Truck Drivers to give away. Truck Drivers are unique boosts (produced by Rackets) that will reduce your energy requirement by -6. In simpler terms, if a job requires you to spend 10 energy, you will have to spend just 4. The rest will be compensated by the truck driver. One will be able to level-up fast with these truck drivers. If you are interested in trading, hit me up, and we will discuss the terms of the trade!

Update (01/09/2010) – I have officially stopped playing this game. Facebook was creating too many problems with my account. Well, I will let go of this game for the time being. Kindly do not send me any more mafia add requests! Thanks.

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