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It is with great delight that I post about my new website

Henceforth, I will be posting the daily updates for EURUSD and Nifty Futures over there.

This blog will remain because it contains too much of useful information about various day trading strategies and how to rectify issues concerning Airtel Broadband or Reliance Broadband.

However, I will be doing the new posts only at the new website.

It was a pleasure serving the internet community throughout all these years. I plan to continue with this endeavor through my new website.

See you over there.


Praveen Pious

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Firmware For Broadband Modems

This blog is getting plenty of hits from people who are searching for newer firmware for their broadband modems. Quite often, many tend to forget certain simple aspects; especially when it comes to upgrading the existing firmware to their modem. Some of them are:

(a) There is no need to upgrade the firmware of the modem if everything is working out fine at your end. Upgrading the firmware for the modem will not magically increase the stability of your ADSL connection.

(b) Flashing the router or modem with an incorrect firmware can render it useless. Although there are various methods with the help of which one can resurrect their dead modems, it is simply not worth the effort.

(c) Most of the ADSL modems supplied by the ISPs operating within India already come with the latest available firmware. There is no need to search for anything additional.

(d) If you are facing issues with your ADSL connection, please ensure that the incoming telephone line (the main line from the service provider) is free of cracks or does not have rust at its end. Quite often, the issue will be something with the ISP’s existing infrastructure (please bear in mind that this scenario is applicable only in this country because telephones lines are hung freely through poles or placed in the ground – which any nearby contractor can dig up and ruin your month)!

(e) Look at the SNR and attenuation values listed on the web interface of the modem. This can be accessed by typing on your browser’s address bar. The greater the SNR, the better the connection (SNR = signal to noise ratio; a high SNR means more signal in the line than noise and hence it is good). The value of attenuation must be low. Attenuation (in simpler terms) is the amount of disturbing factors present in the line. The greater the attenuation value, the larger the number of detrimental factors and hence, you will experience the worse from the ISP. Given below is a chart which will give you some idea about the relationship in between SNR and attenuation values

(f) There is facility within the modem to update firmware on its own. Look out for CWMP / TR-069 option on the modem (this is seen via the earlier mentioned web interface of the modem). If enabled, the firmware will be automatically updated by the ISP at regular intervals.

Airtel Broadband automatically upgraded the firmware of my modem using the same technology. Check that out too 🙂

In short, do not go about hunting for the best firmware for your modem. By all probabilities you will end up with an expensive piece of brick.

TFI Giveaway : Win SVG Tech Liquid Cooling Kits!

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The Paradox Of Our Age – Dr. Bob Moorehead

Found this on reddit; posting over here as a reminder ..

The Paradox Of Our Age

BlockAid DNS

I just came across this new DNS service BlockAid DNS. According to their website,

“BlockAid or PeerDNS was born following the illegal seizure of various domains by the US government and in the aftermath of the recent ruling against the newest incarnation of Newzbin in the British courts. Our aim is to demonstrate the futility of employing DNS ‘blocking’ methods in the fight against online copyright infringement and thus, as a way of censoring the internet. Those who use our DNS service will not be prevented from accessing a domain, even after it has been seized. Use of the system is completely free

The primary and secondary IP addresses are and for European and rest of the world. It is and for people surfing from USA and Canada.

Further details over at

Bidding Adieu To Airtel Broadband

I am finally convinced that I should ditch my existing Airtel Broadband connection. On Saturday, I placed a request for Reliance Broadband. They collected 600/- (as a cheque) and have promised me a working connection by tomorrow (Monday January 29 2012). Let me see how they are going to keep their end of the promise.

Airtel broadband was good while it lasted. The reliability and quality of service was in par with BSNL Broadband. I understand that many among you might hold a detrimental or bad opinion about BSNL Broadband. One aspect which people tend to forget is…BSNL, Airtel and now even Reliance…all these are ADSL connections. In other words, if the wiring and other connectivity options to your home is in top notch condition, then naturally you will get to enjoy a good connection. Many subscribers of BSNL Broadband are more than happy to blame the government officials without doing their part of homework. I have used BSNL Broadband for about five years and in that time, I had a downtime of no more than one hour or so.

I will have to attribute the same quality of service to Airtel Broadband, likewise. I used it for something like an year and a half – despite certain initial hiccups, the connection was flawless. The only gripe with Airtel Broadband is the 256kbps speeds once we cross the fair usage policy limit. For me, this limit has been set to 5GB. Since I am connected to the Indian and International markets 24 x 5..the 5GB limit gets expired very soon. In other words, I am forced to spend the rest of the month on 256kbps. As of now I am paying 499/- as monthly rental. Please bear in mind that Reliance and Asianet Broadband are already offering 512kbps unlimited connection (with no added fair usage policies) within Kerala for 500/- ($10.14) per month.

I am seriously concerned about the reliability of Reliance Broadband in Trivandrum. I started a thread over at; however, no one seems to be replying 😦

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