About Me

My name is Praveen Pious Francis. I use this website to list out the different day trading strategies that I find online. I write about these day trading systems only after personally testing them for an adequate amount of time.

Now, you might wonder why do I like day trading? Because it involves making decisions under stress and uncertainty with incomplete information. And the markets pay us to do this every day!


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8 Responses to About Me

  1. Anil says:


    Can u pls contact me – i have some content writing requirement


  2. It wonderes me to see how several comments this site is getting. I guess it have plenty of enteries. how do you gain that kind of traffic?


  3. Well maybe because I post aspects that are relevant to my daily life such as daytrading and broadband issues ..



  4. sam says:

    hey do you do nifty intraday trading for a living? Your daily report is quite interesting to read as I too follow the markets, going through similar experiences and trade at times :-)…


  5. Sac Hermes says:

    Good information. Great site, Not one but two thumbs right up!!


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