Murrey Math Trading Strategy 4

A common complaint with this trading system is the following – it works only when the market ranges. When the market begins to trend, the common Murrey Math strategies seem to stop working.

This strategy focuses on using Murrey Math to trade with the trend. The core idea is to buy at the break of +2/8 or sell at the break down of -2/8. Stop loss set for the trade depends on whether you buy at +2/8 or sell at -2/8. If you buy at +2/8, set the stop loss at -2/8. If you sell at -2/8, set the stop loss at +2/8.

By doing this, you will be able to trade the predominant trend.

The +2/8 and -2/8 levels serve as an effective mechanism to filter the noise and choppiness out of the markets.

Here is the strategy in pictorial form:

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