BSNL Broadband Malware Redirects To Unwanted Sites

For the past few months, I have noticed being redirected to malware-laden websites – especially when I am accessing the internet via BSNL broadband. Initially, I thought certain malware in my PC might be causing this issue. However, a scan with Malwarebytes did not turn up anything.

So I started searching online and lo I come across this detailed thread discussing the same issue.

All over India, people using BSNL broadband to access the internet have been facing pop-ups and directs to certain lesser known spam websites. And yet, BSNL officials are blissfully unaware of these happenings (as expected).

Changing the DNS or running an anti-virus scan on our personal computers does not help when BSNL gateways are infested with malware.

Some of the domains to which people are being redirected to include 1bcdecobalten, newsprofin, speed-open2 and lp.easyziptab.

As per the above mentioned forum posts, the issue is somewhat omnipresent to anyone who uses BSNL ADSL Broadband, BSNL Fiber Broadband (FTTH) and even on BSNL Mobile Broadband (3G).

I hope the designated BSNL personnel takes note of this specific situation and fixes it at the earliest.

Update (Thursday, October 11, 2018): naganoadigei is yet another malware domain that we are being redirected to while using BSNL Broadband. I have found that using utilities like uBlock Origin and adding all these domains to the program under My Filters to be quite helpful.

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2 Responses to BSNL Broadband Malware Redirects To Unwanted Sites

  1. Sathish says:

    BSNL has not yet solved the issue. They are still redirecting people to malware affected sites.


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