Murrey Math Excel Calculator

Update: I had to take down the Murrey Math excel sheet (that was originally present in this post) on account of copyright issues. Sorry.

Traders have their own belief systems. Some think that trend trading works. Certain other will keep on praising counter-trend trading systems. The market trends at times and simply chops around at some other times. In short, there is no definite way to trade and make money every day. Traders need to find something that they are comfortable with and stick to it.

In this post, I would like to give away an excel sheet that I found online. This excel sheet calculates Murrey Math levels accurately. Just enter the high and the low of the financial instrument in the excel sheet. The sheet will generate certain values. Use the sheet to take the appropriate trading decisions.

Download the excel sheet from Murrey Math Excel

As far as I know, this sheet generates the most accurate values. It provides values that are much more inline with the ones that are present in Murrey’s Trading Manual.

Warning: While using the excel sheet, please do bear in mind that Murrey does not ask us to consider just the high and low of the financial entity. In fact, the exact terms he uses on his book is as follows – Setting up Mathematical Rhythm for your Stock (Setting up range of Fluctuation and not off high or low).

In simpler terms, Murrey is asking us to set up the range of fluctuation using some other method – but not by using the day’s high and low. To learn the exact way to set up the range of fluctuation, you may have to attend his (expensive) courses. I am asking the traders to take the high and low of the instrument because it eliminates confusion and keeps us in tune with the markets.

This in turn implies that my approach is fundamentally different from Murrey.

In the meantime, feel free to check out some of the Murrey Math Trading Strategies.

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  2. prashant govind dhande says:

    sir excel sheet is not available how can we get it plz reply


  3. yucel says:

    Thank you


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