Preparing Yourself For The Oregon Driving Learner’s Permit Knowledge Test

I know too many people who are finding it extremely difficult to pass the Oregon knowledge test in their first attempt. These people have been driving cars in other countries for a good number of years; but for some reason all of them claim that the Oregon DMV knowledge test is a tad bit tougher than other states.

Recently, I managed to pass this knowledge test (the first time) without any issues. So did my wife. Yes, the questions they ask are tricky. The wordings are slightly convoluted / designed to make you choose the wrong answer.

Here is what we did.

First – go through the manual at least three times. Read slowly and carefully because all the questions they ask will come from the manual. It will be better if you read the manual a bit closer to the actual date you plan to take the test. By doing so, you will not forget certain essential details required for passing the written knowledge exam.

We used to read half the manual during the mornings and the other half during the evenings. As simple as that. The more you read the manual, the better.

Second – start attempting the practice questions that are available online. Here is an important point to take care of at this stage.

Most of the websites will feature the same set of questions. Do it two or three times and you will get that false feeling that you are all set to face the real DMV knowledge test. This happens because all the questions will appear familiar by the time you do it twice or thrice and you will be able to mark the correct answers even without reading the questions.

As it turns out, there are some websites that will keep on changing the practice questions every time you try to attempt them. These are the websites that you must look out for.

The practice tests present in helped us a lot to wade through all the questions the DMV might ask. This website has more than 500+ questions and you will have to keep on attempting them like there is no tomorrow.

Although I was a bit scared to take the test, as the questions started appearing in the knowledge test kiosk present at the DMV, I began to get that confidence back. Within 5 minutes, I was able to complete the knowledge test and was on my way back home (ok, maybe it took me 7 minutes or so – but you get the point).

Try the driversprep website and you will definitely be thankful to me for making this post. Trust me.

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