Toby Crabel Opening Range Breakout

Click here to read about Toby Crabel.

I am also offering an excel version of this method. Toby Crabel Opening Range Breakout.

Just enter the Open, High, Low and Close price of the trading instrument in the appropriate cells within the excel sheet. To be in better tune with the markets, it is important to take these data from the previous ten trading sessions only. Keep on amending the excel sheet everyday and make sure to enter the present day’s opening price in the appropriate cell.

Just like Camarilla Equation, this trading method also focuses on keeping the traders disciplined. They will have to wait patiently until the price touches either Buy Above or Sell Below value. The original system asks the traders to trade with the trend. I have seen certain traders apply the same system to catch the tops and bottoms. They will sell at the Buy Above value and buy at the Sell Below value.

Keep on experimenting with the sheet and you will come across many such interesting attributes.

Personally, I do not believe that it is possible to decode the complexities of the everyday price action into simple formulas. But then, I have also found the excel sheet to offer me some insight into the daily price action for the markets that I trade. This is just one of the tools that I use to get a grip over the realities.

Please do post your experiences in the comments below.

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