Using Architect Linux To Install Arch Easily

Arch Linux is a celebrated independent operating system that has managed to rake up some attention during the recent times. As of this post, this OS holds the 10th place among the list of linux distributions in DistroWatch.

Unlike the conventional linux distributions that you might have already come across, Arch Linux takes an entirely different approach. For instance, the maintainers of the OS do not feel the need to provide a GUI-based installation. Instead, they want all of us to install it by command line inputs.

In order to help the absolute beginners, the maintainers have set up an elaborate Wiki highlight every single command line input that you will have to apply in order to install the base OS.

Not everyone will have the time and the patience to enter these commands one by one. An easier alternative is to look out for methods that will allow you to have the OS up and running within a matter of minutes.

Enter Architect Linux, a continuation of the Evolution Linux Project. For some unknown reasons, the Evolution Linux Project does not exist anymore and the lead developers have come forward with Architect Linux. According to the official sources, Architect Linux is the successor to Evo/Lution Linux, the Arch Linux installer.

The basic premise of Architect Linux is plain and simple. It is nothing but to help the beginners get a fully functional Arch Linux installation in their PCs. You will get a live installer for Arch Linux with the help of the iso file. Download the Architect Linux iso file from here.

Once you boot the ISO file, it is just a matter of following the CLI-based interface. If you are finding it difficult to install vanilla Arch Linux by following the official wiki, then I would ask you to check out this Architect Linux project.

If you run into any difficulties, please make it a point to post it in the official Architect Linux forums. The official Arch Linux forum members will never entertain the idea of posting answers to your doubts if they come to know that you used Architect Linux to install the OS. Yeap, I will not blame them – while we did things the easy way, they had to spend a week digesting the information found in the wiki and then use it for installing the OS. 😉

If you are still finding it tough to use Architect Linux, search for the walk-through videos on YouTube. Copious amounts of enthusiasm exists among the linux fans to install this unique OS and thus, there is no dearth for installation videos on YouTube. Here is a tutorial that you can follow to make things easier.

You can also hang out at the Architect Linux Google Plus.


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