Murrey math for day trading – 1 just published an introductory article I wrote about Murrey Math. How To Day Trade Using Murrey Math.

Murrey Math is an esoteric trading system. The beginners will feel elated initially because it might appear that the markets follow the levels generated by this system. Those of you who see this for the first time will start thinking about all the money that you can make using the excel sheet attached below. Sometime back in 1992, Thomas H Murrey rediscovered this trading system after reading a certain book written by none other than W D Gann.

The underlying math which has led to the generation of the system is quite complicated as well. Murrey repeatedly emphasizes on the fact that anyone who has eight grade education will be able to decipher the system easily. However, the reality is something else. I will be uploading certain articles written by the man himself shortly.

Murrey Math Jacek Excel is an excel sheet that can generate the Murrey Math levels quite accurately.

Enter the High and the Low price of the stock / commodity / forex instrument in the appropriate areas. You have the option of taking the day’s high / low. If you are a swing trader, then it will be better to take the weekly / monthly / yearly high and low prices. The sheet will generate some values. If you are trading forex, make it a point to format the cells so that it shows the appropriate decimal levels.

How to trade the markets using this excel sheet?

Here is a simple explanation for the levels.


In other terms, short at 7/8 or 8/8 or +1/8 or +2/8 while keeping the target at 4/8 or 1/8, 0/8 or -1/8 or even -2/8. Traders can also buy every time the price touches 1/8 or 0/8 or -1/8 or -1/8 while keeping the target at 4/8 or 7/8 or 8/8 or +1/8 or +2/8.

Traders can also use the picture depicted below to make trading decisions.


Murrey Math revolves around the basic premise that the only way to make money trading the markets is to sell high and to buy low.

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