Gann’s square of nine

Okay folks I am going to move towards a slightly controversial topic. By now, you may have heard a lot about Gann. Seemingly, he could predict the tops and bottoms of the markets with great amounts of accuracy. He believed in a natural order and synchronicity; despite having nominal school education, he could amass a lot of wealth trading the stock markets because of his dexterity over ancient mathematics – this a common tagline you will come across many traders who worship him.

At the same time, no one knows for certain whether Gann made profits trading the markets or by selling his courses. He did not reveal his trading system to anyone else too. All we have left are assumptions about how he may have traded. Too many people have spent several painstaking years trying to decode the practices of Gann after his death.

You can download the square of nine calculator from gann square of nine excel.

Using the calculator is simple. Just enter the last traded price / today’s opening price / previous day’s closing price / any price that you feel is appropriate into the calculator. It will generate some values. Trade accordingly.


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