Issues With My Tata Docomo Wireline Broadband Connection

Soon after disconnecting my Reliance Broadband connection, I decided to migrate to Tata Docomo wireline broadband services. To test the quality and reliability of the service, I opted for the 1 Mbps FUP Plan 256 10GB @ 549/- plan. My account number is 947028797.

Once again, I am here to report the issues that I am facing with the connection.

1) Soon after applying for the connection, some technicians came and did the wiring. However, nobody came to install the connection (set up the modem, give me my username and password). After making at least a dozen calls to the customer care, a very interesting and curious person (who goes by the name of Shameer – 9249444xxx) came to install the connection on August 9th (about 14 days after they had laid the wiring to my place).

2) The connection was not working when the technician used my username / pass word. In fact, the link light was not even lighting up in the modem – pointing out to the fact that I am not connected to the local exchange. Shameer hurriedly left my premises after stating that it should be working within a few couple of hours. About two days later, I come to know of this ‘cable cut issue’ from him and they fixed it then. It was my mistake not to opt for a connection termination request then.

3) Shameer offered me two contact numbers. 18002097070 and 0471 2700295. He claimed that the first number was the customer care number and the other was the local trivandrum office number. Both of these numbers turned out to be useless. The local trivandrum office number was not working at all. The other number turned out to be incorrect – it was the customer support number for some other service offered by Tata Communications. How could he offer me two numbers that did not have any relevancy to the connection I am taking? The correct customer support number for Tata Docomo wireline broadband service turned out to be 18002661111.

3) My connection stopped working all of a sudden at September 14. After waiting for a couple of hours, I decided to contact the customer care. They allocated me a service request number (380057525). They also said that someone will be visiting my premises within September 17. During this period of three to four days, there was absolutely no form of communications from the local team. I had to rely upon my trusty BSNL 3G prepaid mobile connection during this period to work from home. By September 18, the connection was back online (for the time being). I really hope they waiver off the rental charges for the three – four days when my broadband connection was not functional at all.

I will be updating this post with the issues that I am facing with this particular ISP..


About Praveen Pious Francis
A part-time blogger who has a wide range of interests including investing in the stock markets across the globe and broadband technologies in India.

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