How to Take Photos Underwater With Ease?

Underwater photography is a tough nut to crack. Many have taken up this form of photography as a career or hobby.  However, the benefits are charming and attractive. There are several factors that can make or ruin your underwater experiences. Try to have a good notion about them. Some of these pivotal aspects will be discussed in the latter sections. Preparation is the key to success in any activity. Only those with ample years of experience and skillset succeed in this profession.  If you wish to achieve fame, then please pay attention to these points.

Taking photos underwater requires you to have the proper equipment. A waterproof camera tops the list of must-have accessories. Some professional photographers like to build custom housing for their cameras. Purchasing a camera that is exclusively designed for the purpose is the best option.  The low lighting conditions under the water make it an ordeal to get good pictures. Bearing this in mind, you must invest on a camera that has a powerful flash. Experts like to carry additional attachments, which can aid in boosting the ambient lighting levels. Even the brightest flash producing devices have their set of limitations.

They can illuminate only up to a couple of feet. Ensure that the subject lies within this range of effective light dispersion. Never try to take a photo at a downward angle. Traditional photography asks the photographer to keep the subject at either ends of the frame.  This is generally not recommended for taking pictures underwater. The subject must fill the entire frame. It is unwise to take chances with the photo. High resolution pictures can be obtained if one has complete understanding of the camera settings.  Take a few practice or trial shots to get a ‘feel’ of the subject.

Capturing the background scenery is easy if you know to fiddle with the aperture settings. The speed of the shutter also plays a considerable role. It helps to sharpen the images. Shutter speed must be set according to the nature/agility of the subject. Post-processing of the photos might be required in some instances. Please understand that the software sets a variety of limitations. It cannot ever replace excellent photography skills. This includes learning more about avoiding backscatter or propping up the camera against the rocks. It allows you to retire for the night with a sense of accomplishment! Good quality underwater lens can bring out the true colors with minimal efforts.


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