Drawing Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Coming up with detailed illustrations using pencils is often recommended for beginners. Quite many professional artists had kick started their journey into this domain using pencil sketches. Pencils are relatively cheaper to obtain. They are available in various shades. A skilled artist might be able to use a normal pencil to create breathtaking portraits. It is cited as one of the most elementary forms of drawing. Enthusiasts always like to experiment with their skillset. The tips and techniques listed in the latter sections may prove to be highly useful.  Portability is yet another aspect, which makes sketching using pencils much more appealing.

Take a note of the essential items that you may require to get started with the drawings. You need to have a collection of good quality pencils and a pad to sketch. Accessories such as a pencil sharpener and an eraser are indispensable tools for an artist. Pay close attention to the kind of paper on which you will be sketching. It can determine the final appearance of the work. Various types of papers are available to choose from. Select a pad that is affordable. It should not compromise the quality of your sketches. The paper must never induce smudges while erasing the outlines.

Apply the same set of precautions while selecting a good pencil to draw. As cited earlier, pencils are classified into many grades. They range from black to hard black. The density of the lead changes according to the grading. Having access to a wide variety of pencils is recommended. It will enable you to draw any type of shades. Many artists use a grading chart (found in stores) to select the correct pencil. Once you have all the necessary items to draw, it is time to get started. Make up your mind and focus on anything particular to draw. The experts have the ability to draw pictures from their memory. Beginners will have to use an aid to help them draw properly. It can be a photo or even a live human being!

The drawing will take its own sweet time to materialize. Never try to rush through the process. Always have a calm temperament when you sit to draw. It will help you to focus better on the task. Start making an outline of the subject on the sketch pad. This is a pivotal part which can help you create good sketches very easily.


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