Practical Tips to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

The termination of an intimate relationship can be stressful. The heart aches can multiply if your partner decided to leave you in the first place. All hope is not lost if you have access to the correct set of strategies – tactics, which could make her come running back into your arms. The problem with many men still remains the same. They perceive their female counterparts as a sophisticated piece of mechanism; something that is hard to tame. The reality is far from it. It is better to understand how she thinks about you in the first place.

Understanding Women Is Not Complicated

Rather than spending time analyzing over what went wrong, you need to go to “damage control” mode. Understand that she has left you for the good. This is not the time to sit and sulk. Admit it; you probably ignored her when she needed you the most. Throughout the generations, men commit the same set of mistakes, which lead to situations such as these. Women always have wanted men who could understand and spend time with them. On the other hand, men never seem to get a correct notion about this simple aspect.  The result is self-explanatory.

Learning Why She Left You

The key to sustaining good relationships is to learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them at a later date. Try to remember the exact reason she cited while dumping you. Falling in love can be magical. However, the reality of life can be too hard to swallow. By all probabilities, she might give you a half-boiled explanation on why she has decided to leave you. As responsible men, doing our share of homework is the best strategy at this point. Figure out the ways she acted prior to the weeks that led to the breakup. Was she picking up fights with you for every other reason?

Comprehending Your Mistakes – And Never Repeat Them

One of the best strategies to get her back is to let her know that you have changed. Let us get this straight – almost everyone has some detrimental traits which no women would like. Ironing that away can give you additional opportunities to spice up your love life. Getting into newer relationships might appear like a fine idea for some gentlemen. On the contrary, it is highly improper to do so. Take time to understand your shortcomings. Never repeat the same errors with any other women who may cross your life sometime in the distant future.

Begging Does Not Always Work  

The mind works in wondrous ways. Just because she broke up with you does not necessarily mean that she has stopped thinking about you. All those magical moments which she experienced are still afresh on her mind. In spite of all this, begging her to come back will not work out either. You should refrain from contacting her for some time. Use it to mend your broken heart. Watch movies, concentrate on your career or sign up at the nearest gym.  Keep your mind preoccupied and catch up on all the aspects which you missed throughout these months.

Making That Crucial Move

Every woman will feel a mysterious connection with her lover. This is an unbreakable bond which exists until she meets someone else. Think back about the aspects which had initially attracted her towards you. Focus on these and keep them augmented so that the magic happens again. Some women like enigmatic men. You probably lost the charm when you decided to open up to her. After the breakup, the next move has to be highly crucial. It is the pivotal factor which will make you just another guy in her life or her soul mate.  Getting back together is not complicated as it seems.

Surprising Her With the ’New’ You

Ignoring her completely would only help in her to get away from you even further. In fact, the intelligent men always know when things are going to get out of control. Getting her to talk to you when she is in the right mood can bring out the old magic. Remember not to get too intimate with her; however, give her the space she desires. That much required push, which will set things like it used to be can occur anytime. Surprise her with a new personality. Once again, that cryptic nature within you will begin to surface. Gaining her new-found  attention is easy then.

Applying Common Sense to Find Feasible Solutions

Seeking relationship advice from others (at this point) is not a healthy practice at all. You need to follow your mind. Apply common sense and start thinking from her point of view. Things will slowly begin to make much more sense to you then. The success rate of men who have got back with their ex-girlfriends is ridiculously low. However, do not let that fact deter you from trying.  Perseverance is the key – let her know that you are willing to be the man of her dreams – unlike the way you used to be. Surely, she will offer you a second chance. Make good use of this opportunity to rekindle the lost affections.

The Next Steps That You Should Take

Professionals can assist you with the venture if you are willing to let them. Use good judgment to understand the clues and ascertain that she still likes you. Only then there is the chance to get her back. What are you waiting for? Go and reclaim her!


About Praveen Pious Francis
A part-time blogger who has a wide range of interests including investing in the stock markets across the globe and broadband technologies in India.

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