How To Use Third-Party DNS Services With Reliance Broadband?

Reliance broadband requires much tweaking in order to work properly like the conventional ISPs within India such as Airtel and BSNL. One of the issues faced by many existing subscribers is the inability to use third-party DNS services likes Google DNS or Open DNS with their Reliance broadband connections. Here is a simple tip to start using them with your connection from now on.

1) Open up the command prompt and do a ping to

2) Note down the IP address listed for the portal (for me it is listed as

3) Place this IP address on your hosts file (C: –> Windows –> System32 –> drivers –> etc –> hosts). The hosts file can be opened using notepad.

For the sake of illustration, here is a screenshot of my hosts file entries:

That is it folks. Now place the IP addresses for Google or OpenDNS on your NIC or router. Check Using Google Public DNS if you are not sure about how to set the IP addresses in your NIC.

One of these days, I will provide a tutorial about how to share your reliance broadband connection among several PCs at the same time. Stay tuned for it! 😉

If you wish to read about my experiences with Reliance Broadband, please check out Reliance Broadband review entry.


About Praveen Pious Francis
A part-time blogger who has a wide range of interests including investing in the stock markets across the globe and broadband technologies in India.

2 Responses to How To Use Third-Party DNS Services With Reliance Broadband?

  1. Jithin Prakash K says:

    I did all these and also the router DNS was set to Google DNS and yes the connection is working. But, the modem manual DNS gets deleted or get blank when the modem power is switched off/modem is restarted. That makes me to enter the DNS every time i restart my modem

    I use a Dlink 2750u modem. Any idea how a manual DNS can be saved ?


    • Did you find out why the modem does not save the DNS IPs? Sorry for the delay in replying, I do not check this blog just like I used to..


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