BSNL Broadband New Plans (Unconfirmed)

A couple of weeks back, there appeared a news article in The Hindu. The gist of the article was the following – BSNL will be introducing newer broadband plans in the coming months.

Listed below are certain screenshots as well as links sourced from the telephone bills issued by BSNL in various circles within India.

In the first picture, you may see that the back side of the telephone bill has been folded. This image was initially posted in techenclave forum. The region which was folded contained something along the lines of “speed upgrade will be effective from December 2nd 2011”. It is perplexing why the original poster decided to fold that part while posting the scanned copy of the telephone bill.

The second image is also a scanned copy of the telephone bill; this time it is from a bill which was circulated widely in Haryana circle.

Today, an update was posted in a broadband forum by another member regarding the newer broadband plans. Thy are:

ULD 1350 - 4 mbps - has been withdrawn in Haryana circle replaced by 2 mbps plan of same FUP

ULD 1111 - 2 mbps up to 15gb - 256k thereafter

ULF 900 - is actually 4 mbps up to 8gb, 256k thereafter

ULF 1000 - 1 mbps up to 15 gb (earlier was 2mbps) - 256k thereafter

ULF 2150 - 1 mbps up to 100 gb - 512k thereafter

One can read the original post over at India Broadband Forum

Something is definitely cooking on the BSNL Broadband camp.

Update (23rd Nov 2011): Here is the complete scanned image of the telephone bill which was allegedly meddled with.

Once again, BSNL officials have proved themselves to be not worthy of their priced positions. Look closely at the bill; you will realize that the date mentioned at the beginning says the year as 2010. However, the footnote included in the same paper shows 2011. It has to be seen how the officials will go back in time and increase the speeds of the broadband plans!

Update (25th Nov 2011): BSNL Chennai has come up certain new plans. Find them out by visiting Broadband Plans


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