Know Your Airtel Broadband Plan Details and Fair Usage Policy (FUP) Limits

Update (05/16/2018): This blog post used to be a relevant a couple of years back. I do not know if it works today. I have stopped using Airtel Broadband and have started using BSNL Broadband. Please bear this fact in mind while going through this post. Thanks.

I still come across many subscribers of Airtel broadband, who do not have any notion about various important parameters of their DSL plans; such as the monthly usage limit or their billing cycle.

Use Airtel Smartbytes to find out the high speed monthly transfer limit, the GBs left in the account along with the days left in the current billing cycle (useful if you wish to learn when you will get back the original speeds associated with your DSL plan).

The subscriber also gets to opt-in for the newly available Airtel Smartbytes offer using the same link. Airtel Smartbytes is all about obtaining additional data packs for a price (such as 99/- for 1GB and many more).

Update: I see many Airtel BB subscribers are searching for known methods to bypass the FUP limits set by the company. That search is going to turn out to be a futile one. The subscribers have to understand that the speed policy for their respective DSL plans is set on the machinery maintained by the company. Unless you have an insider, who is willing to tamper with the machinery and subsequently change your speed profile, you have no other option other than to take life as it comes. Earlier many subscribers reported speed boosts after rebooting their modems. This technique has been patched by Airtel. I still know a few handful of people who are enjoying their connections without any FUP – it is only a matter of time before they (the Airtel engineers) patch it!

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