Nifty Futures Intraday Trading Report August 26, 2011

Today Nifty broke its existing 52 week low price. Keeping in tune with traditions, I did not anticipate such rogue movements with the futures contract.

The day started off with a bad note. I had a chance to short in between 4880 and 4890. This I could not do since I was on phone with family.

After spending the major share of the day waiting for opportunities to go long, I did it in between 4810 and 4820. This trade got stopped out. I waited until the contract stabilized – something which did not occur for the remainder of the session. Towards the closing periods, I entered long in between 4720 and 4730. This last trade helped me to cover some of the losses incurred during the earlier trades.

EUR/USD trading was comparatively better. I closed my longs from 1.433x from yesterday at 1.443x. A short from 1.445x levels was squared off at 1.435x. Re-entry long at the same price point 1.435x was squared off at 1.445x. This last trade could have given me more profits, if I had not squared off the positions manually.


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