Airtel Broadband Fair Usage Policy – Finally Activated On My Connection

Ever since I had taken an Airtel broadband connection on august 2010, I have always dreaded the 256kbps fair usage policy. Luckily, they were good enough not to implement it on my account – until today*.

The original FUP (fair usage policy) on my connection was 5GB. My monthly usage was always nominal – it usually stood in between 15 to 20GB. Yes, on the last month or so, I had downloaded all the games in the Assassin’s Creed series – so maybe that contributed to about 20 to 30GB. Today*, I get a SMS from Airtel stating that they have reduced my speeds from 2mbps to 256kbps.

Imagine being downgraded from 2mbps to 256kbps. I had my concerns about the trading platforms running properly. However, those aspects are working without any hiccups.

*I had drafted this post on July 19 2011. So the today simply implies that date (not July 24 2011, the original date of publishing of this post). Delay in publishing this post in a timely manner is regretted..

Update 1 (July 28 2011) – Right now, I am enjoying 1mbps speeds. Previously, as mentioned in the original post, they had reduced my speed from 2mbps to 256kbps. I wonder how long the part is going to last!

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4 Responses to Airtel Broadband Fair Usage Policy – Finally Activated On My Connection

  1. Anand Isaac says:

    similar story for me.. I had a browser 899 plan which gives 512kbps upto 8GB, but somehow they did not implement it until beginning of july. But it has been erratic ever since. Around july 5, they sent me a mail that had exceeded 8GB limit and hence my speed was reduced to 256kbps. But after a few days, I got 2Mbps šŸ˜€ .. then around july 15 they sent another mail that i had reached 80% of my 8GB quota. I continued downloading. after downloading another 5GB (suprising) they sent me a mail saying I had exceeded the limit, hence back to 256kbps. However, today I’m back to 2Mbps šŸ˜®
    when I inquired one of my colleagues, he too seemed to face the same situation. Funny airtel. šŸ˜›


  2. True. According to Airtel, the original speed associated with my plan is 1mbps. However, I have been getting 2mbps since the past few months. I had called them and had inquired about this speed change (just to be sure that they had not migrated me to some other newer plan – something which Airtel is infamous for).


  3. Airtel users can avail the services through existing sim cards. Bharti Airtel, the country’s largest telecom operator by subscriber base launched international video calling service for its 3G customers in the country.


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