Trouble With Dell Computers India – Part II (Post Updated)

It seems that I am readying myself for another bout of fights with Dell India. About two years prior to this post, I ordered a Dell Studio 1555 laptop. Back then, the courier agency in question i.e. BlueDart ruined the fun by conveniently stacking up my laptop in a warehouse at Kochi. I had to make numerous phone calls and pull certain strings within the company (both Dell and BlueDart) to get the laptop.

Anyway, I placed an order for a second laptop – this time it was a Dell Inspiron 15R. By 10th June 2011, they received my order and in the next day i.e. on 11th June, the order was released to manufacturing. The following Wednesday, i.e. on 15th June the manufacturing build was completed.

Everything is sounding good and now comes the jolt. It seems the officials have no clue about what happened after June 15th. The sales person maintained that the product was already shipped from the company. This was a blatant lie – which I was able to find out on 20th June. Since I knew certain ‘capable people’ from within the organization, I came to know about this lie. However, now they too have taken sides with the salesperson.

I do not understand the delay Dell has taken in processing this order. The original delivery date of the laptop was 20th June. And I am making this post two days after that – with no sign of the product. It is very interesting to hear the ‘excuses’ of the salesperson. He even went to the extent of sending me a screen-shot of the ‘manufacturing build completed’; when I reminded him that the build process was completed by 15th June itself, he went into ‘silent’ mode.

With no clue about the estimated delivery date and the actual status of the laptop, I am still awaiting for a timely action from the company.

Update 1 (22/06/2011 13:50): Someone from Dell Customer Care called me just now. Kerala Income Tax rules state that any electronic device coming to Kerala from other states requires a submission of Form 16. The sales person had mentioned about this form to me when I placed the order. He had even sent a sample copy of the same form and asked me to fill it up with the relevant details; which I had done two weeks earlier. I had sent it as courier via BlueDart and according to the courier company, it has already been delivered to Dell. Now the guy who called me today stated that I haven’t sent the above-mentioned form. When I presented him with the details regarding the courier, he seemed a bit surprised and asked me to hold on until he looks further into the matter.

Update 2 (24/06/2011 07:49): I just received a SMS from BlueDart saying that the product is in transit. The expected date of delivery is 28th June 2011. Let us see whether we get it on or before the date mentioned.

Update 3 (25/06/2011 18:48): Received the laptop a couple of hours back. šŸ™‚


5 Responses to Trouble With Dell Computers India – Part II (Post Updated)

  1. Anand Isaac says:

    Good experience you have there sorting things out. The trouble is the negligence of people within the company results in these kind of slips and no one wants it to affect their appraisal. So they they try to tell blantent lies first. However, if you persist, you can induce fear into then and they’ll try to get it sorted out. No one wants things to be escalated high šŸ˜‰

    • True. šŸ™‚

  2. Noen says:

    Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

  3. Lijoe George says:

    a doubt here.. for form 16.. wat all should we fill in? i was told to just fillin my name and address, the rest would be filled by the tax dept officers??.. is it or should i fill in everything?

    • I was asked to send in the form with only my signature. I did not fill in the details. Just signed it and sent it along with a photocopy of my pan card (which was also signed by me).

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