Nifty Futures Intraday Trading Report June 22, 2011

Gone are those days when I could escape the session after covering my losses. These days, I have to end the session with losses. The brokerage is slowly eating into my limited cash reserves – I am forced to take multiple trades in order to keep up with the ‘trend’. Clearly these days are being dominated by people who think they can predict the tops and bottoms of the market accurately. And sadly, these are also the ‘trend-less’ days when an average retail trader such as myself gets whip-lashed mercilessly.

It has become quite impossible to list all my trades over here because of the multiple entry / exit points. Our markets are dominated by people who have access to large cash reserves – funneled through discrete sources. I was reading an article from moneycontrol and according to the author, the stocks which are taking quite a hit these days were the most favored stocks of the renowned market operator Ketan Parekh. You may read it over here.

Signing out for the time being with a heavy heart.. 😦

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