FoolDNS – A Free DNS Service With Ad-Blocking / Phishing / Malware Protection

Free DNS services are on the rise these days. There was a time when OpenDNS ruled the roost. Google too jumped into the foray by introducing free DNS lookup services.

Anyone with an average IQ will never venture out into the wild without adequate protection levels. The same is applicable while browsing the internet. Almost every other PC user will have some form of protection from malware and spyware because they take the necessary precautions by installing an antivirus / anti-spyware software. However, the ones who create malware are looking forward for steps to circumvent such protective mechanisms.

A common methodology adopted by these personalities is to “rig” a website with a “malicious” code. Unsuspecting users will browse through these portals without even realizing the perils. Nip the evil in its bud. FoolDNS is one such service which takes into account the previously mentioned proverb. According to the service provider, FoolDNS can block advertisements, phishing and other forms of malware – even before they could get a chance to infect your PC.

Kindly go through FoolDNS to read about the service in detail.

For the lazy ones, who do not have the time to read through elaborate texts, here is the real deal i.e. the IP address of the DNS servers. They are and

Symantec also has a similar service (Norton DNS); but I am seeing ad-blocking among free dns lookup services for the very first time.

I am seeing a marked improvement in my internet browsing experience. Please jot down your findings as comments.


One Response to FoolDNS – A Free DNS Service With Ad-Blocking / Phishing / Malware Protection

  1. Tom says:

    Another free DNS service that actively block ads


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