Nifty Futures Intraday Trading Report April 26, 2011

Please look at the lowest price / opening price made by the contract today. It is 5393.45. When did this transaction occur? Approximately 400 points have been shaved off from the previous close. Someone somewhere made a lot of money on this day – during the so-called pre-market session (9:00 to 9:15).

Initially I bought the contract in between 5850 and 5860. Within some time, the value touched my stop loss which was placed in between 5830 and 5840. I bought at this second level once again. The contract’s value was falling sharp and touched my stop loss for the second time. This stop loss was conveniently placed in between 5810 and 5820. I had plans to enter long at this level; but the contract fell over to 5800 levels and remained over there for the major part of the day.

Towards the closing interval, when the value of the contract began to surge, I bought it once again in between 5810 and 5820. Within no time, the contract began scaling newer highs. The trade was squared off in between 5870 and 5880.

I could make nominal profits only on this day; but was able to cover my losses and brokerage for the multiple entries.

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