Trading Report February 18, 2011

One aspect that has been troubling me since the past few weeks – I am not making money consistently in the stock market. It is as if I had lost that “edge” over the others. Initially, I thought this was a newer chance to experiment with various strategies. However, nothing seemed to work (although I had access to the right set of tools).

Anyway, today I shorted Nifty Futures at 5580 levels. Covered it at 5530 levels.

Once again I shorted at 5510 levels. Allowed the system to auto-square off (it did the same between 5440 and 5450). 🙂

Afterthoughts – It has been some days since I enjoyed profits. Today was a welcome change. I feel more confident with my method which plainly relies on maths – I do not use any charting software suites / indicators to day-trade.

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