Interesting and Insightful Daytrading Tips

I wanted to share something – a piece of text – which daytraders might find extremely useful.

The text is concerning Camarilla Equation. I know the effectiveness of the equation, since I had already opted for their services back in November 2010. And i have duly listed it over here.

Strike off the parts concerning the equation. The author goes to elaborate stretches to display that the system is the “holy grail” of daytrading. However, you must concentrate on the other aspects from the text. For instance, the ideal temperaments of a daytrader.

You can read it from here.

Please post your experiences – if you have used the system to daytrade. 🙂


About Praveen Pious Francis
A part-time blogger who has a wide range of interests including investing in the stock markets across the globe and broadband technologies in India.

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