Interesting Article About W. D. Gann

I skim through the internet all the time searching for additional information concerning the trading techniques deployed by eminent traders.

In the process, I have come across quite a bunch of insipid reading materials.

This is taken from

All credits go to the original blogger

This all may be very true about Gann. However, I know of some people that have solved portions of TTTA and have shown charts with projections that have come true based on cycles deciphered from within. Do they share those “secrets,” no, not on public forums.

Was Gann the richest trader? No. I do not believe that was his objective. I think he possibly could have been based upon his apparent trading proficiency. He was mostly a researcher IMO.

Without question he projected the great bull advance starting in 1922, that is written. He could have easily invested at that low and pyramid up until the high of 1929 of which he was only a couple weeks off timing wise, and properly projected the massive and historic decline we experienced. Those projections as well are documented in his forecasts. He perhaps could have become the wealthiest person in America if he “invested” in those companies that would have had a higher beta than the market itself during that period of time.

So in my opinion, he could have been possibly the richest IF that was his objective, which I do not believe it was.

Without a doubt his “mystique” piques people’s interest, as is the case for me. I enjoy mysteries. I enjoy science. His work is a combination of both. Since I use to be of the opinion that astrology was complete hogwash, and the pseudo science for a group of mental patients, I have proven to my satisfaction that I was completely wrong.

For me, to try and develop complete order to an apparently chaotic system like the markets is something that requires investigation.

Do I trade astronomy, sometimes yes, but it is not the underlying methodology which I trade when I make my projections of what price levels are next, most of which come true. I do have system that accurately projects price levels, entries, exits etc.

With all I have learned throughout the years, or think I have learned, I keep coming back to it because without question it is solid and defines market action.

However, astronomy/astrology conceals certain elements IMO that methodology does not in regards to “pinpoint” timing of bottoms and tops on all time frames. It is that which I seek. I know for Gann did not even find that level of accuracy at times because I have tons of articles on him and a number of yearly projections where certain things did not come to 100% fruition in regards to pinpoint price and time.

A pitcher need only pitch 1 perfect game to have his career made. Gann pitched numerous perfect games all throughout his career.

To wrap this up, I simply think its human to seek answers, and Gann definitely has a mystique of having answers. Just because some of us can’t find them, see them, realize them, does not mean they do not exist.

Einstein’s work, though it provided precise mathematical formula’s for specific problems was not believed and was dismissed within his own scientific community. Why? Because it was considered too complex to be right. Though once understood, was a thing of beauty. It took 14 years for the scientific community to take his work seriously and as gospel. Even most of his peers could not understand it for the complex mathematics it employed. To this day we are still testing his math which is proven correct all the time. Did he have his nemesis, sure, quantum mechanics. That went against his line of reasoning which enabled him to do what he did. G-d did not play dice. I think the same applied to the markets except there is a massive human component which is driven by outside forces.

It was only after physical “proof” was offered in the eclipse of 1919 that the scientific community as a whole decided to take notice.

I think that is analogous to Gann’s work with astronomy & astrology.

Is it the way for all? No. Nor does it need to be. There are multitudes of methodologies that if properly managed can make one wealthy. Are they the underlying cause of market movement. No. It is that which I seek when time permits which I think studies in Gann (astrology and astronomy) offers.


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