My View About the Prevalent Broadband Situation In India

Here is an excerpt from one of my posts, which I had composed for India Broadband Forum:

One thing that I have learned to live with (especially in this country), is not to compare the services offered by the respective ISPs. The quality of service varies wildly and we are basically at the mercy of the officials. This is true for both government based as well as private operators. Many people will blame BSNL; they will cite the “BSNL babus” as lazy and unproductive lot! However, I have also come across certain “agents” of private ISPs, who charge unsuspecting customers for the length of wiring included while giving the BB connection!

The only way to wriggle out and survive in this situation is to take intelligent decisions. Make good use of the common sense and question the authorities, if you have any doubts.

I was a devout subscriber of BSNL Broadband since March 2005. Lately, I am with Airtel Broadband. Why? I learnt that Airtel is offering 1Mbps UL for just 499/- in my state. Yes, there is a FUP policy of 5GB. The FUP (fair usage policy) of Airtel works in wonderful manners. They penalize only those who have made it their life’s aim to download the entire internet! I also learnt that even though Airtel touts 5GB, 10GB as the FUP, the default FUP of all plans is 100GB. I made certain phone calls and yes, I couldn’t believe my ears. Within a day or two a shining new modem from Airtel was installed at my premises.

Right now, I am enjoying 2 Mbps UL from Airtel Broadband. They upgraded my 1 Mbps to 2 Mbps – free of cost. I am not sure of the revised FUP. But, I find that I am not penalized, when the entire nation is crying foul over the practices of this particular ISP!

For me, Airtel is the best out there. It does not necessarily mean that everyone must opt for the services of Airtel. Members will not find me citing Airtel’s services as the next holy grail too. However, it is better to keep a sharp look out for the plans offered by the competing ISPs. You might never know when you might strike gold!

PS: I still have that trusty old BSNL connection with me. 🙂


About Praveen Pious Francis
A part-time blogger who has a wide range of interests including investing in the stock markets across the globe and broadband technologies in India.

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