Raising A Child

What is the average cost that is associated with raising a child?

The typical cost for raising a child might vary according to the present economic status of the inhabitant’s country! In other words, it is quite difficult to provide an outline of the costs that might incur to you, while raising your first-born. Economists always work with the aid of estimates – they have lain out certain estimates and in the following sections, we will be looking at an in-depth analysis of the same. As we proceed with this brief discussion, you will realize that rising up a child is not an easy task.

Here is a news flash that might provide some relief to those who are expecting their first child in the coming months – the amounts spend on your first child will be always high. Clothing and other accessories that are being purchased for the first-born can be re-used for the rest of the children. Meticulous levels of planning are desired because you are meant to spend a minimum of $298,680 until the child reaches 17. Once the child is admitted to a college, the cash requirements will soar to even higher levels. If we add additional overheads like paying the mortgage amounts, we are looking at wholesome amounts!

What is the approximate cost that be incurred to me on my child’s first year?

I do not intent to dampen the spirits, but do you know that on an average, you will be charged approximately $8000 for a normal delivery? Of course, you will never have to pay the entire cost – yet you will have to realize that insurance companies might impose at least 30% of the said amount. Once the baby is taken to the home, the real expenditure starts.

The costs of baby layette are always on the rise. If you have bestowed the same upon someone else recently, you might have a rundown of the associated charges. Experts have put this cost at $1200 – include the cost of the crib and other accessories like the table used for changing the nappy in this $1200. Once into the open market you will realize that baby clothes happen to be highly expensive and at a minimum, you will have to spend approximately $300 for your newborn child. We must never forget the high chair or the infant car seat that is also mandatory for “housing” the baby properly!

Subsequently, we will consider the cost of baby foods. One might realize that baby foods are available in two forms – the ready to serve and the other kind that will require you to spend some time preparing it. On an average, the yearly cost of baby food might be around $1200; but this is highly dependent on the type of food opted for the child. By that time, you will be investing on lots of feeding bottles and nipples for these bottles. The clothing of the mother must be altered to incorporate additional “facilities” to breast-feed the child at appropriate intervals.

Quit gasping, because more is yet to come. The diaper costs for the very first year might run to approximately $800. Well, this can be grouped with the baby food category; according to the brand, the costs might rise or fall. One will have to consider the day care facilities, which might be around $12000 annually. It is better not to seek the aid of nannies, for the time being,   because they usually work out to be highly expensive than day care centers. This is primarily due to the “individual undivided attention” imparted to the child.

Well, hither is another news flash; $50+ must be paid every time the baby is taken to the hospital for the monthly checkup routines. As mentioned earlier, insurance companies might provide relief under such strenuous conditions. HMO is the best manner to proceed with because you will be forced to shell out a maximum of $10 per visit to the doctor. Medicines are not free, so are the charges related to handing out a prescription for the child. The baby is going to spend a certain duration alone with his toys, oh – did I forget to mention that? Please add in the cost of the toys, and you are looking at approximately $500.


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