16418 : Order with Invalid attributes rejected by the system error Zerodha

Started getting the dreaded 16418 : Order with Invalid attributes rejected by the system error with Zerodha this morning. Apparently this error will usually pop up only when the client tries to put a buy or sell order during the pre-open i.e. in between 9:00 and 9:07 am.

However Zerodha’s pi trading terminal showed me this error message when I tried to put the buy / sell order after 9:15 am i.e. the normal start of the market. The error message persisted a good 30 minutes from 9:15 am (which is aeons from a day trader’s perspective). And it magically solved by itself when I sent an email to the Zerodha support team.

Of course I may or may not get some sort of halfhearted reply from the support team.

Good going Zerodha!

Update: I received a detailed email from the support team highlighting the issue. They are also offering the remedial measures. Check it out and apply the measure the next time you get the error.

16418 : Order with Invalid attributes rejected by the system error solution zerodha


Nifty Daily Summary March 12, 2018

Today markets ended firmly taking cues from global markets. Positive US job data and easing geopolitical tensions in Korean peninsula uplifted the market sentiment. Nifty closed at 10421.40 up by 194.55 points or 1.90%. On sectoral front, all the indices closed in green except PSU Banks. NIFTY FMCG and NIFTY METAL outperformed the broader indices, while NIFTY BANK, NIFTY AUTO and NIFTY FIN SERVICE have under performed the broader indices. On stock front BHARTIARTL, IOC and ITC were the major gainers for the day whereas COALINDIA, AUROPHARMA and TECHM were the major losers. Advance and Decline Ratio of the Nifty was 47:3. India VIX closed at 14.49 up by 0.22%. Asian markets rose tracking gains seen in US on the release of jobs data. The US economy added 3, 13,000 jobs last month above forecasts while wage growth came in below expectations. Europe markets were trading in green taking cues from their Asian peers. Nifty has immediate support around 10340 levels and next support is at 10290 levels. Immediate resistance is around 10490 and next resistance is around 10540 levels.

Nifty Daily Wrap Up August 10 2017

Benchmark indices extended the losses for the fourth consecutive trading session as the losses were being led by pharma, auto and banking stocks. Nifty finally ended at 9820.25 levels down by -87.80 points or -0.89%. Advance and Decline Ratio in the Nifty stood at 19:32. India VIX ended at 13.80 levels up by 0.35 points or 2.60%.

On the sectoral front, Nifty Auto, Financial Services, Media, Metal, Pharma, PSU Bank and Realty under performed the broader indices while on the flip side Nifty Bank, IT,FMCG and PVT Bank outperformed the broader indices. On the stock front TECHM, AUROPHARMA, INFY, LT and WIPRO were the major gainers of the day while on the flip side TATAMOTORS, TATAMTRDVR, DRREDDY, BANKBARODA and GAIL were the major losers of the day.

On the global markets front, European markets closed on a negative note while FTSE 100 is trading on a negative note at -1.11%, CAC 40 is trading on a negative note at -0.29% and DAX is trading on a negative note at -0.73%. While on the Asian markets front, Nikkei 225 closed flat at -0.05%, Hang Seng closed negative at -1.14% and KOSPI closed negative at -0.38%.

Technically, the immediate support is placed around 9800 levels and the next support is placed around 9750 levels and on the higher side the immediate resistance is placed around 9900 levels and the next resistance is placed around 9950 levels.

Murrey Math Webinars

Back in 2009 / 2010, Murrey decided to do a couple of webinars. For some strange reason, he decided to post them publicly. You can find some of them over at murrey math webinars.

Sign up for a free account with 4shared.com so that you can download these webinars. Try to go through them over the weekend. Nothing revolutionary takes place in these webinars. In one of the webinars, you will notice that Murrey tries to do live trading – and as expected, the price keeps on exploding higher – causing frame shifts. Murrey casually asks the viewers to keep on shorting. And that small losses are essential for larger profits later.

This is one of the classical shortcomings of Murrey math. Rather than following the predominant trend, this method will tempt us to keep on shorting / buying when the prices surge / fall. In other terms, Murrey’s technics will work well when the market ranges. Once it breaks out / down, it pays to go with the trend.

Anyway, I will let the viewers be the judge.

Are The Stock Markets Random?

All over the world wide web, you are going to come across loads of explanations as to why the stock markets are random. The motive of many of these assertions is to imply that technical analysis is bound to fail over a lengthy period of time.

At the crux of such explanations lies the efficient market theory / random walk hypothesis. You cannot beat the market consistently – this is a highly simplified explanation of the random walk hypothesis.

Recently, I came across an excel sheet that can generate a chart – just like the charts made by financial instruments every day all over the world; the peculiarity of this excel sheet is that it generates charts based on coin tosses. Press the appropriate tab in the excel sheet and the same sheet will produce open, high, low and close values – all based on coin toss probabilities.

Use coin toss open high low close.

I think some of the visitors will find this excel sheet highly informative / entertaining.

Seen On The Web: Almost 80% of Private Day Traders Lose Money

I came across this interesting post in Reddit. Reddit user CuriousGnu did some analysis using the data taken from eToro social trading network to reach the conclusion the interesting conclusion that almost 80% of the private day traders lose their hard-earned monies.

Check out the original post at Almost 80% of Private Day Traders Lose Money

Murrey Math Trading Articles

Murrey decided to publish a series of articles in the Traders World technical analysis magazine a couple of years back. I have collected most of them and have posted it.

While going through these articles, you will notice that Murrey spends a great deal of time trying to ridicule every trader out there who does not follow his system.

His ramblings might be interesting to the traders who are interested to learn more about murrey math.

Download from https://mega.nz/#F!7sow2JhT!XkRKDYeknNEvlCOWmBW2AA

Use Sumatra PDF to view the files with DJVU extension.

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